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obiwanRebecca Ellen Kurtz’s fascination with archaeology, ancient religions, and mysticism began early in life.  At 21, she transfigured in Lazarus’ tomb – her spirit and soul shot out of her pores.  She thought she was going to explode into a million pieces, and she became a medical enigma.  At 23, she got hit by lightening, giving her a mystical power boost, which also affected her physically.  Due to these experiences, it led her on a path to explain the supernatural and the spiritual realms and mysteries presented in the Bible through quantum physics, mysticism, ancient religions, archaeology, alchemy, and the Bible from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

Yeshua/Jesus presented Rebecca Ellen with a challenge one night during worship, “Rebecca, if my death and resurrection fully restores you from the curse, why don’t you live like Adam and Eve did before the curse?”  Rebecca accepted the challenge promising Yeshua, “I will have to look into that.”  Yeshua chuckled and replied, “I know you will.”  Since then, Yeshua has been guiding her research and experiences to help her understand the mystery in the promise of the manifestation of the Sons of God in the End Times.

Rebecca Ellen has spent countless years accumulating research on the trans-cultural, trans-era historicity of spiritual and multi-dimensional beings not bound by previously held beliefs of physics but opening the mind to understanding the laws of quantum physics.

True to her archaeological training, Rebecca Ellen headed to the primary sources of the ancient writings from many religious and nonreligious texts rather than later interpretations to be less susceptible to bias and outside interpretation.  She wanted to know what the ancients had to say for themselves.

Rebecca Ellen Kurtz is a consummate student and knows there is no end to the pursuit of knowledge; therefore, she presents a large amount of her research in her projects so that each person may determine what he or she believes for themselves.

Today, if not rummaging through old stacks in the library or seeking out answers from mystics, Rebecca Ellen is often found in her “den” surrounded by still more ancient tomes as she fervently researches times and ages past.  The moody atmosphere is set by region suggestive aromatic candles, period music, and artifacts for dreamy interstellar pursuits as she presses in to see what all of the impossible can become the possible.

May we all seek the Truth.

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